Trump like Putin

Will Macedonia become the Balkan’s “Crimea”?

Macedonia should be divided and its creation was a failed project. Its territories should be divided between neighboring states, Kosovo and Bulgaria included’Should+be+Divided+between+Kosovo,+Bulgaria’+-+US+Official#sthash.1gJcwHDb.dpuf

“In my opinion, Macedonia is not a state. I am sorry, but it is not a state. There is such a division in their country they will never be able to live together in the future.”

“This is why Kosovars and Albanians from Macedonia should be part of Kosovo, and the rest of Macedonia should be part of Bulgaria or another country to which they believe are linked.”

“The idea is to keep Macedonia alive because someone 30 years ago decided it is a configuration that should come out of the dismantling of Yugoslavia,”

news website quotes him as saying.

It also notes Rohrabacher said, when asked whether Donald Trump’s administration would back the idea, he has “an influence” on foreign policy and the idea “of changing the borders in the Balkans” may be up on the agenda during the next sessions. – See more at:’Should+be+Divided+between+Kosovo,+Bulgaria’+-+US+Official#sthash.1gJcwHDb.dpuf


Who: Dana Rohrabacher, member of US House of Representatives since 1989

Where: Albania’s Vizion Plus TV

When: 7th February 2017

Is comparison with Russia exagerated?

In 2015, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov suggested Macedonia should be partitioned, with the west going to Albania and the east being given to Bulgaria. – See

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