Alexandru Gabriel Bujorianu

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Alex has completed his Bachelor studies with Magna Cum Laudae.  He studied interdisciplinary economics at ACU – University College Amsterdam. His capstone dissertation was graded A it is titled “The Housing Market in Amsterdam: An analysis of the social, economic and environmental challenges posed by market failure“.

ACU is a joint College of UVA and VRU, the two universities of Amsterdam.

He is better known as  Alex Stargeizer, the author of The Necromancer.



St Alexander (244 – 337) was Patriarch of Constantinople (Bishop of Byzantium). In the Orthodox Church he is commemorated on each August 30th.

Alexander of Bergamo (died c. 303) is the patron saint of Bergamo.

Other Christians named Alexander:

Gabriel is the name of an angel who typically serves as God‘s messenger.

  • In Hebrewגַּבְרִיאֵל Gavri’el “God is my strength”,
  • In Biblical Greek: Γαβριήλ, Gabriel,
  • In AmharicGeez and Tigrinya: ገብርኤል,
  • In Arabic: جبريل or جبرائيل Jibril or Jibra’il.

In Islam, Gabriel is an archangel whom God sent with revelation to various prophets, including Muhammad.

In many Christian traditions including Anglican, Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic, Gabriel is also referred to as a saint.

In the Christian New Testament in the Gospel of Luke, the angel Gabriel appears to Zechariah and the Virgin Mary, foretelling the births of John the Baptist and Jesus, respectively (Luke 1:11–38).


  • 29th September by the Church of England ( Michaelmas) and the Roman Catholic Church (in conjunction with the feast of St. Michael and St. Raphael)
  • 8 November, 26 March and 13 July by the Eastern Orthodox Church The Eastern Churches (including Catholic) celebrate Gabriel three times a year.

source Wikipedia

In this photo he is depicted at the age of 7 (photos taken in Cambridge).



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