High school


  • Codenow.org provides opportunities for teenagers in low-economic areas to understand how to program through project-based learning. Nearly half of its alumni are female.
  • Girls Who Code offers a summer immersion program in computer science focused on mobile development, robotics and web design. Girls gain experience through demos, lectures and mentorships.
  • Hack Reactor offers a 12-week boot camp (with a hefty price tag) to hone software engineering skills. Previous coding experience is recommended.
  • Metis is a 12-week camp taught by instructors in Boston that focuses on HTML, CSS and Ruby on Rails. The camp is expensive, but makes scholarships available to women, minorities and veterans.
  • Silicon Valley Code Camp is offered free of charge and run by developers for developers to address topics such as branding or legal issues.
  • ScriptEd.org is another organization providing programming education in low-income areas through partnerships with volunteers.
  • Square expanded its coding camp from college-only to high school girls in Silicon Valley and provides instruction through Square engineers and additional teachers.
  • The SummerQAmp program was founded in 2012 as part of the White House Summer Jobs+Initiative and was the brainchild of GroupMe co-founder Steve Martocci and, yes, rocker-turned-actor Jon Bon Jovi and others. It offers internships to students who are interested in quality assurance, one of the many fields of computer science.
  • AmplifyCS is the first AP Computer Science MOOC offering blended online instruction with support, all free of charge. Students learn about Java and should be prepared to take the AP exam in computer science.
  • Coursera.org offers Beginning Game Programming with C# which includes the use of Unity, a popular game engine among indie developers.
  • DigitalMediaAcademy provides instruction in app development, game design and iPhone applications at camps available all over the U.S. Summer camps specifically available at the University of Chicago include Game Programming, Java Programming and Programming 101.
  • Openclassroom.stanford.edu is operated by Stanford University and offers free classes such as Design and Analysis of Algorithms, and Introduction to Databases and Practical Unix.
  • The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science offers AP classes and university-level coursework in computer science as well as help preparing for the AP Computer Science and AP Calculus exams.
  • The University of California Online offers Computer Science for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering I that may be of interest to advanced high school or college transitioning students.


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