Brexiteers secretly funded by European Commission

Did European Commission really wanted UK in? After all, the prominent leaders of EU (Jean Claude Juncker, Martin Schulz) have been heavily contested from within UK (David Cameron, the Labour Party).

The funding scheme:

Destination: The Brexit inclined academics from British Universities

Head: Mr. Robert Madelin, a person with a long life career within the European Commission, former Director General of DG Connect (after its second baptism The digital Single Market).

Mechanism: research grants awarded by DG-Connect to mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists, biologists from UK. After all, DG-Connect is mostly a covert propaganda minister.

Selection: via the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council website. The academics completely unsuccessful with EPSRC were championing the DG-Connect funding competitions.


These academics are usually scapegoating their European colleagues within British academia for their personal failures.

Future: Now Robert Madelin is advising Mr. Juncker on how to fund the Netherlands and France exits. He doea that as Hors Classe Adviser “Senior Adviser for Innovation” in the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC).

Author: MariusB

Knowledge worker in Computing Science and Engineering

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